Equipment for microbial safety,  ozone generators / cold mist, jet-fogger

From Mobilsept machines, you can choose the right type and model machine for hygiene treatments and disinfection or odor removal tasks. Long-lasting microbial surface protection is achieved with jet-fog technic with the use of the special BIOSAFE and Smart Guard active substances.

  •  Surface hygiene / Odor removal/Air purifying
  • Automotive - La Reserve AVHS System: Organic Active Durable Surface Hygiene Treatment and Protection.
  • The Guard series: deliver long-lasting surface hygiene protection in homes (The Home Guard), sports centers (The Grazer Guard)
  • Mobilsept UL Cold fog machines- for industrial and residential use
  • Water treatment, wastewater treatment with ozone gas - Design List of machines for rent
  • PSA Oxygen Generators - Provides 95% pure oxygene
  • Ozone gas measurement, monitoring
  • Medical Ozone Devices - Ozone Therapy Device Series
  • Mobile SD surface disinfection unit for various industrial appliactions

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